Killpatrick Construction is well-known for our quality commercial and residential projects, particularly asphalt paving. Long Island’s sandy soil, however, can make a seemingly simple project highly complicated if left to contractors who cut corners or who are inexperienced working with our regional terrain.

Whether a municipality seeking road repairs, a private enclave or new housing development requiring completely new roadways, or a homeowner who wants a blacktop driveway, Long Island-based, Killpatrick Construction’s asphalt paving professionals know that quality of the foundation determines how well a paving project will stand up to weather and heavy usage. We take the time to fully evaluate the subsoil and drainage and take the necessary steps to ensure a lasting outcome.

For a Quality Blacktop Driveway on Long Island

For commercial projects especially, it is very important to be aware of local ordinances and regulations and to ensure that every project is fully-compliant. Conversely, for homeowners, it is important to understand the extent of a paving and/or repair project- what work has to be performed and why. Regardless of the scope of the project, Killpatrick Construction’s blacktop paving pros keep an eye on the weather, ensure that all regulatory ‘i’s have been dotted and ‘t’s crossed, as well as providing homeowners the courtesy of being ‘kept in the loop’. It is our attention to detail as well as to the homeowner’s peace of mind that keeps our clients coming back for additional projects such as walkways, concrete and/or stone walls, retaining walls, patios, edging and much more!

Killpatrick Construction is proud of our client work throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties and the Roslyn, Manhasset, Lake Success, Glen Cove, Great Neck, and surrounding areas in particular. For the best quality blacktop driveway on Long Island, commercial roadway development or repair, or any size masonry or paving project, we invite you to submit our form or give us a call at 516-226-2291 today!    

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