The state of a residential driveway says a great deal about how well a home has been maintained. Yet, all too often, due to the considerable expense, homeowners assume that their new driveway is a ‘one and done’ proposition. This belief causes many homeowners to neglect small cracks and seemingly minor surface abrasions until the only option is a driveway resurfacing or even, in the worst cases, its complete replacement. Therefore it is a a bad idea not to schedule routine driveway maintenance, such as re-rolling the surface.

To ignore this important feature, your home’s curbside appeal may be negatively impacted and additionally cause your property to lose value. Avoid expensive repairs and replacement by arranging to have your driveway ‘rolled’ with a quality surfacing product by a reliable professional. When your driveway requires attention, among the many Long Island driveway contractors, there is one name to call: Killpatrick Construction. Together we’ll assess the current condition of your driveway. It may simply need a fresh coating to weather the winter, some more involved repair work, or if necessary, complete replacement.

Whatever the case, you’ll create dramatic curb appeal with a driveway paving project from Killpatrick Construction! Whether you are resurfacing, replacing, or upgrading, our attention to detail ensures your satisfaction. Considering a gravel, bluestone, concrete or asphalt driveway project? Call the Long Island driveway contractors at Killpatrick Construction. Our prices are competitive and our craftsmanship is without equal! We serve Nassau and Suffolk counties and have many satisfied clients in Roslyn, Manhasset, Lake Success, Glen Cove, Great Neck, and the surrounding area. We invite you to contact us for an estimate at 516-226-2291. Call today!

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