Many Long Island waterproofing companies do not understand that because we are an island our soil is primarily composed of sand. This composition retains moisture and returns it to the surface when weather conditions are ‘just right’. Our soil’s substrata and our foggy and rainy location between the Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean makes annual waterproofing of our homes, walkways, driveways and pool surrounds a must.

Do not think, however, that a trip to the big box store will provide an expansive selection of the best waterproofing products or that a paint brush or roller are all that’s needed to provide adequate protection. Protecting your commercial building or home, its foundation, masonry, walkways, patios, steps, and even some driveways and parking lots are tasks for seasoned Long Island waterproofing firms like Killpatrick Construction.

Protect Your Greatest Investment

Many homeowners or commercial building owners trying to sell their property are shocked to receive their buyer’s inspection report stating that the foundation is severely cracked. There are several causes, but neglect is the most common. That’s because it is easy to ignore tiny settlement cracks or years, even decades, until these increase in size over time due to trapped moisture and extremes in temperatures. Annual waterproofing and sealing could likely have prevented these issues. Ultimately foundation cracks will have to be remediated. As you can see, foundation waterproofing is that ounce of prevention that can prevent very costly future repairs.

Think of waterproofing your home’s foundation and other masonry as life insurance that protects your greatest investment, your home. If you’d like more information, an estimate, or are ready to schedule an appointment, the Long Island waterproofing pros at Killpatrick Construction will be glad to advise you. Give us a call today at 516-226-2291.

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